Thursday, 13 August 2015

Room 35 have also just completed their speeches. 
This was compulsory for all the children at school. 

Each speech had to be between 3 and 5 minutes. Every child presented their speech in front of the class and Mr Ryan assessed them and they received a mark and feedback. 

The top 3 speeches from Rm 34 and 35 went on to the Rata house finals. 
Room 34
Chiana - Horse Slaughter
Ben . F - Brothers
Nathan - Homework 

Room 35
Ruby - Why do I have to tidy my bedroom
Martin - Emojis
Breezy - Bullying

These 6 children had to present their speech in front of the whole Rata House. The judges were:
Mr Ryan, Miss Workman, Miss Potaka and Mr Plummer.

We discussed and worked through who we were going to send through to represent Rata year 7's at the school finals. 

Well done to RUBY MCANULTY 

We all wish you the best at the school finals :)


  1. well done Ruby i loved your speech it was amazing!

  2. Ruby did all of us proud and she presented herself very well today. Lets hope she can make the next round.

  3. good work bogger